Where is the Auckland Volcanic Field?

Where is the Auckland Volcanic Field?

The Auckland volcanic field is an area of monogenetic volcanoes covered by much of the metropolitan area of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, located in the North Island. The approximately 53 volcanoes in the field have produced a diverse array of maars (explosion craters), tuff rings, scoria cones, and lava flows.

Is the Auckland Volcanic Field still active?

The Auckland Volcanic Field is considered an active field, with the last eruption occurring approximately 600 years ago at Rangitoto. New Zealand’s volcanoes are monitored by GeoNet, which is continuously on the lookout for warning signs that a volcanic eruption is building.

How do I get from Auckland to Rangitoto Island?

The easiest way to get to Rangitoto is by catching the Rangitoto Ferry from either Downtown Auckland or Devonport ferry terminals. Ferries depart regularly throughout the day. The crossing from Auckland downtown takes approximately 30 minutes.

How many volcanic craters are there in Auckland?

53 volcanic centres
Rangitoto. The Auckland Volcanic Field is an area of about 360 km2 centred on Auckland city; within this field over 53 volcanic centres are recognised. During the 193,000 years of their history, Auckland’s volcanoes have totally changed the Auckland landscape.

Why is there a volcanic field under Auckland?

The type of volcanic activity which has created the Auckland volcanic field is referred to as monogenetic which means that each time there has been an eruption it has occurred at a new location and that each eruption is the result of a single batch of magma which rises from its source in the mantle about 100km beneath …

How many extinct volcanoes are in Auckland?

But Auckland could just as easily be dubbed the “city of lava” for the approximately 50 volcanoes dotted around its landscape. That’s right. Fifty(ish). Though many have been quarried away or are too low to easily spy, volcanic cones still punctuate the skyline.

Where will the next volcano erupt in Auckland?

The volcanic risk in Auckland is real; so is the uncertainty in the location of the next vent within the metropolitan area. However, there are no signs of any imminent eruption or unrest in the deep subsurface, so the risk is no different to what it has been over the last few hundred years – which is currently low.”

How long does it take to walk up and down Rangitoto?

A gentle climb through lava fields will lead you to the summit in approximately one hour. Allow extra time to explore the lava caves on the way back, or see the historic bach community near the wharf.

How much does it cost to go to Rangitoto Island?

Pricing and Conditions

Adult $39.00
Child (15 year(s) and under) $19.50

Will a volcano erupt in Auckland?

Auckland’s existing volcanoes are unlikely to become active again, but the Auckland Volcanic Field itself is young and still active. An eruption in the Auckland Volcanic Field is a low probability event on human timescales but would have high consequences.

How likely is a volcano to erupt in Auckland?

The city of Auckland is located in an area that must be regarded as an active or potentially active volcanic field. The history of the field suggests that risk of further eruptions is of the order of 2 per cent chance per century.

Is Rangitoto still an active volcano?

The Auckland volcanic field is made up of over 53 volcanoes and these volcanoes are extinct. This means they will not erupt again with the exception of Rangitoto Island, which is dormant.

Is Rangitoto worth visiting?

Aside from enjoying the walking trails, Rangitoto is also a great spot for kayaking, camping or spotting the native flora and birds. It’s important to catch the last ferry back to Auckland since otherwise you would end up getting stranded overnight or getting a very expensive personal boat ride!

Are there toilets on Rangitoto?

There are toilets at the wharf and a hat and sunscreen are a must.

Can you stay overnight on Rangitoto?

There is no overnight accommodation and alternative transport back to the mainland is expensive.

What would happen to Auckland if Rangitoto erupted?

There’d be severe damage between 2.5km and 4km from the volcanic vent, and damage to weak structures up to 6km away. It could also generate a 2m-high tsunami around the harbour. Experts say that wouldn’t completely devastate the city’s power network, but would cause major issues.

Where will next volcano erupt Auckland?

What will happen if Rangitoto erupts?

Houses, buildings and critical infrastructure within that area would be destroyed but structures 4km to 5km out could withstand the eruption, he said. Dr Wilson said disruption to services like electricity, water, communications and transport could go on for a long time, depending on where the eruption happened.