Where is the credit chit Citadel?

Where is the credit chit Citadel?

How to Complete Citadel – Crime in Progress and Retrieve Kor Tun’s Credit Chit in Mass Effect 2. On the western edge of the Citadel, to the east of the Warehouse, you’ll run into a bit of a situation that you’ll want to look into.

Where do I recruit Kasumi?

Recruiting Kasumi is one of the simplest tasks in the game, and can be done as soon as you complete the Freedom’s Progress Mission and acquire the Normandy SR-2 . Set your sights for the Citadel in the Widow system. To your right will be an ad podium with Kasumi trying to talk to you. Interact with it to begin.

Why did sidonis betray Garrus?

It turns out that the Blue Suns forced Sidonis to betray Garrus after capturing him on Omega. He’s also racked with guilt over his actions and surrenders to C-Sec if Shepard lets him go. Either way, he doesn’t show up in Mass Effect 3.

Where can I find the credit Chit?

Where do I find the Credit Chit? On the Citadel, there is a side quest (“Crime in Progress” in your journal), where a Volus, Kor Tun, has lost his credit chit. He blames a Quarian, Lia’Vael, for the theft.

What kind of ships do the Volus have?

They maintain several flotillas of heavy-bomber frigates capable of warfare in any atmosphere. The volus have only produced one dreadnought, the Kwunu, named after the diplomat who negotiated their client-race status with the turians. The Kwunu is the only volus ship of its class, but it is remarkably well-armed.

Why do the Volus have an embassy in the citadel?

The volus were the third race to post an embassy to the Citadel after the asari and salarians, roughly 2,384 galactic standard years ago (according to Citadel records accessed through Avina, outside the Embassies ). The volus’ mercantile prowess made them instrumental in developing a stable galactic economy.

What do Volus look like outside their suits?

As the volus are never seen outside of their protective suits, little else is known about their appearance and physiology. It has been noted; however, that volus have cloacae, a trait they share with the salarians.