Where is the stash in Concordia?

Where is the stash in Concordia?

CU5TM-TP’s office
Stash. The stash is located in CU5TM-TP’s office. It allows players to share up to four items between their characters.

Where is the vault on Borderlands pre-sequel?

The Vault Symbol is located on the back of a building beyond the first tunnel, facing the cliff.

How do you store items in Borderlands pre sequel?

In Pre-Sequel, you can also have your private locker, where you keep your weapons. You can find, such a bank, in the main city of Concordia. The capacity of the bank is, unfortunately, strictly limited but, you can always enlarge it, by buying upgrades to the bank on the black market.

Where is the bank in Borderlands 2?

The bank is in the crimson headquarters in Sanctuary.

Where is phonic the Kraggon?

Serenity’s Waste
Notes. Phonic Kraggon is not a guaranteed spawn. He only has a small chance of appearing, and he will only spawn on top of an elevated area in Serenity’s Waste between the two entrances to Regolith Range.

What’s the last mission in Borderlands pre-sequel?

The Beginning of the End
Mission Type The Beginning of the End is the twelfth and final story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Is there a way to store items Borderlands?

Like previous Borderlands games you do have your own personal vault, your bank, that you can store items in for safekeeping. It’s not exactly hidden from you, but the game doesn’t go out of its way to let you know of its existence. You have to seek it out on your own.

What is the point of the bank in Borderlands 2?

The Bank or Marcus Bank is a feature added with Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, allowing players to store items from their character’s inventory. The bank is located in The Underdome. Access to the bank is achieved by talking to the Claptrap in the tuxedo, who acts as the cashier.

What is inside the vault in Borderlands?

Inside the Vault When the Vault is finally opened, the truth of its existence is fully revealed. It was not the technology cache that the legends had spoken of, but a prison containing The Destroyer, an ancient and powerful monstrosity intent on consuming everyone in its path.

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