Which guy on Swamp People died?

Which guy on Swamp People died?

PIERRE PART, La. – A cast member of the reality TV show “Swamp People” died Monday, a Louisiana sheriff said. Assumption Parish Sheriff Mike Waguespack said Mitchell Guist was pronounced dead at a hospital. He had fallen while aboard his boat on the Intracoastal Waterway, near Pierre Part.

How did Mitchell from Swamp People pass away?

natural causes
Mitchell Guist, a star of the reality TV show “Swamp People,” died of “natural causes,” a local sheriff in Louisiana said.

What happen to Willie from Swamp People?

According to state police, Randy’s car struck a pole, which caused the Chevrolet Silverado to flip. He was then ejected from the vehicle and his injuries were fatal. At the time, a statement was posted on Willie and Juniors shared Facebook page from cast member Ronnie Adams.

Is Pickle wheat married?

Prior to dating Wheat, he was married to Chelsea Kinney, with whom he shares a child. While Wheat does not have a Twitter account, she does have an Instagram account, though she doesn’t appear to use it very often. Her latest post came in August of 2019 and showed her picking up a bow.

What happened to the Geist brothers from Swamp People?

Mitchell Guist, who rose to national attention as one-half of the grizzled, alligator-hunting Guist Brothers on History’s popular reality show, Swamp People, has died, Louisiana police have confirmed.

What happened to Junior Edwards?

Over the past few years, Junior stepped away from gator hunting to focus on hoop net fishing. He and his wife Theresa are up at 4am every morning, hauling in thousands of pounds of fish. Junior returns to the swamp this year to help his son and grandson fight the gator invasion.

How much does Troy Landry make per gator season?

During Season 12, there are 19 people on the cast, and the amount of money they make from it can vary widely. Troy Landry probably makes the most out of everyone else on the show. He’s said to have a net worth of $2 million and makes $30,000 per month from the show. His son Jacob makes $40 per Swamp People episode.

Where is Troy Landrys?

Duffy’s Shell Station is a family owned service station run by Troy when he is not gator hunting. The station is named after Troy’s father Duffy. It is located right at home in Pierre Part, Louisiana on Highway 70.