Which network works in Thailand?

Which network works in Thailand?

Mobile networks

Rank Operator Ownership
1 AIS INTOUCH Company (40.45%) Singtel (23.32%)
2 DTAC Telenor (42.62%) Thai Telco Holdings (22.43%) Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) (5.58%)
3 TrueMove H True Corporation China Mobile (18%)
4 National Telecom (NT) Ministry of Digital Economy and Society

What is the best mobile network in Thailand?

Thailand’s 4G access continues to grow Our Thai users on each of the three networks are now able to connect to 4G more than 90% of the time. AIS won our 4G Availability award with a remarkable score of 94.9%, followed by DTAC and TrueMove H with 92.3% and 91.6% respectively.

Does AIS SIM expire?

To check your date of SIM expiry you can use these USSD codes: AIS – *121# DTAC – *101*9# True – #123#

Which Sim is best for tourist in Thailand?

Prices are broadly similar to the competition, so for the majority of visitors to Thailand, AIS SIM cards are the best option. 3G/HSPA+ is available on the 900 and 2100Mhz bands, while 4G/LTE is provided on 1800 and 2100Mhz (LTE bands 1 and 3).

Which Thai SIM card is best?

The first three, AIS, DTAC, and True Move make up around 97% of the market in Thailand. So using one of their prepaid SIM cards is the best option for tourists. Each offer similar coverage both in the kingdom and worldwide and offer a variety of services and mobile packages.

How do you extend SIM validity in AIS?

To extend your validity via USSD codes:

  1. AIS. Add 10 Baht credit for 30 Days Validity.
  2. DTAC – Extend your validity for up to 365 days at a cost of 2 Baht per month. Press : *113*30*9# for 30 days extension.
  3. TrueMove H – “Quick Add” Extend your validity for up to 365 days at a cost of 2 Baht per month.

How do I reactivate my expired AIS SIM card?

Step 1 Use any phone with an AIS number to dial *552 (IVR) and enter a 13-digit SIM serial displayed on the back of a terminated SIM card you wish to reactivate.

Can I use Wi-Fi on Airplane Mode internationally?

Airplane mode turns off data to your phone, which means you won’t pay exorbitant amounts for international data that you shouldn’t be using. With WiFi, you can do almost everything except make regular phone calls and texts (unless they are iMessages).

Which SIM is best for tourist in Thailand?

Do SIM cards have expiry date?

The SIM card itself never expires, as the SIM serves only to allow the handset to identify the cellular network.