Who are the 2 most famous makers of the violin?

Who are the 2 most famous makers of the violin?

The most famous violin makers all come from a town in Cremona, Italy. In order of notoriety they are: Antonio Stradivari. Giuseppe del Gesù Guarneri.

Who was the greatest and most famous violin maker in history?

Antonio Stradivari
Bowed string instruments have been handmade since the 16th Century in Cremona, which is also the hometown of Antonio Stradivari, perhaps the greatest violin maker in history.

Who is the most famous maker of violins?

Alard Stradivarius Antonio Stradivari
1. The Alard Stradivarius. Antonio Stradivari is one of the most famous makers of stringed instruments (otherwise known as luthiers) of all time. His instruments are highly regarded and often sell for six figure sums at auction thanks to their unique sound and esteemed history.

Who is the most famous violin maker of the 18th century?

Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) and Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù (1698-1744) are the two most celebrated violin makers of all time. Working in the small northern Italian city of Cremona, these two craftsmen left an unsurpassable legacy.

Are any violins made in USA?

The collection includes instruments made throughout the U.S., with particular emphasis on New England, and highlights a special selection from Massachusetts, the birthplace of violin making in the United States.

How do you find out who made my violin?

Violin labels The label might tell you who made your violin. You can find a label inside the (usually) left hand f-hole in the violin. Not all violins have labels, and you may have to blow away the dust and move the violin under the light to see whether yours does.

How much does a violin luthier make?

According to O*NET, the average annual salary for musical instrument repairers was $36,810 as of 2020, with an average hourly rate of $17.70.

Which country makes best violin?

Cremona, Italy, is the world capital of violin-making, and is the birthplace of the famous Stradivarius violins that can be worth millions of dollars.