Who did Jonny Owen play in my family?

Who did Jonny Owen play in my family?

My Family (TV Series 2000–2011) – Jonny Owen as Chris – IMDb.

How old is Jonny Owen?

50 years (July 4, 1971)Jonny Owen / Age

Was Jonny Owen in This is England?

Owen, whose daughter Katie is a DJ, and McClure have appeared on screen together several times – most notably in This is England – but let’s take a closer look at Jonny’s story, career and passions.

What football team does Jonny Owen support?

He’s followed Cardiff City and Merthyr Town since he was a young boy and always loved the Wales national football team. Here we chat to him about growing up with football in Merthyr as well as his films.

Is Vicki McClure married?

McClure lives in Nottingham with Welsh director Jonny Owen. On 28 December 2017, they announced their engagement.

Who plays DC Fleming in line of duty?

Vicky McClure
Played by Vicky McClure. Kate is AC-12’s undercover specialist. She prides herself on being the consummate professional, unmoved by emotional considerations.

Where is Vicky McClure from?

Wollaton, Nottingham, United KingdomVicky McClure / Place of birth

Who bought Merthyr FC?

Wales midfielder Joe Morrell has become the latest co-owner of Southern League Premier side Merthyr Town. The Martyrs have been fan-owned since 2010, when Merthyr Tydfil FC went into liquidation. The club tweeted that Portsmouth’s Morrell had become one of their 180 co-owners this week.

Who does Vicky Mcclure support?

At the beginning of her acting career, when she was only 19, she completely quit her pursuits in action, to work in retail – but, after a year, Vicky got back to auditioning for roles in London. The actress is from Nottingham, where she still lives, and is an avowed Notts County supporter.

How old is Vicky MC?

39 years (May 8, 1983)Vicky McClure / Age

What county is Merthyr Tydfil in UK?

county of Glamorgan
Most of the county borough, including the town of Merthyr Tydfil, lies within the historic county of Glamorgan (Morgannwg), but it includes an area in the north that belongs to the historic county of Brecknockshire (Sir Frycheiniog). The Cefn Coed Viaduct, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

What league is Merthyr Town?

Southern Football LeagueMerthyr Town F.C. / League

Is Steve Arnott married?

He has played Anti-Corruption Unit Detective Inspector Steve Arnott in the BBC drama Line of Duty, Liam in Ken Loach’s Sweet Sixteen, Paul Ferris in The Wee Man, Ewan Brodie in Monarch of the Glen and Dan Docherty in The Nest….

Martin Compston
Spouse(s) Tianna Chanel Flynn ​ ( m. 2016)​
Children 1

Is Line of Duty true story?

The plot lines and characters are fictitious and do not mirror real events, however, they are inspired by criminal cases that have happened in the UK. There were numerous tips made to police about five suspects from a local gang, but it took officers two weeks before arrests were made.

Is Line of Duty Irish or British?

Line of Duty is a British police procedural television series created by Jed Mercurio and produced by World Productions. On 26 June 2012, BBC Two began to broadcast the first series; it was its best-performing drama series in ten years with a consolidated audience of 4.1 million viewers.