Who is HarperCollins owned by?

Who is HarperCollins owned by?

News Corp

Parent company News Corp
Distribution Global
Imprints Numerous
Revenue US$1.666 billion (2020)
Official website harpercollins.com

Does Disney own HarperCollins?

Another element of the overall Fox restructuring is HarperCollins, one of the Big Five publishing houses, which is owned by News Corp, the Fox parent company. Since News Corp isn’t part of the deal, HarperCollins will mostly likely stays with the Wall St.

How much is HarperCollins worth?

With Another Big Year, HarperCollins Sales Near $2 Billion.

What genre is The Black Flamingo?

Domestic Fiction
The Black Flamingo/Genres

Who owns the Bible publishing?

and has multiple imprints including Zondervan Academic, Zonderkidz, Blink, and Editorial Vida. Zondervan is the commercial rights holder for the New International Version (NIV) Bible in North America….Zondervan.

Parent company HarperCollins
Imprints Zondervan Academic, Zonderkidz
Owner(s) News Corp
Official website zondervan.com

What denomination is Bethany House Publishers?

Bethany House Publishers is a publisher that publishes Christian fiction and non-fiction books.

What age is The Black Flamingo suitable for?

Dean Atta has a fresh narrative voice and he is a gifted poet. I’d definitely recommend this read. I loved this book so so much. Okay so I did LOVE this but because of the constant glorification of drugs, especially for a young adult book (Amazon says for 12 to 15 year olds), there was no way I could give this 5 stars.

Who owns the rights to KJV?

The crown has a perpetual copyright on the King James Bible, through “letters patent” originally issued to stop unofficial editions and then to protect the country from ranters, shakers, Quakers, nonconformity and popery.

Is the NIV Bible owned by HarperCollins?

The New International Version New Testament was published in partnership with the International Bible Society in 1973, and the complete NIV Bible appeared in 1978. The company was bought by HarperCollins, a division of News Corp, in 1988, and is the company’s principal Christian book publishing division.

Who owns rights to KJV?

What denomination is Barbour Publishing?

Mary Burns, a Barbour Publishing veteran of 23 years, has been named president and chief operating officer of the Ohio-based company, which specializes in Christian fiction, devotionals and Bibles.