Who is Jubin Nautiyal biography?

Who is Jubin Nautiyal biography?

Jubin Nautiyal was born on 14 June 1989 in Dehradun. His father, Ram Sharan Nautiyal, is a businessman and politician in Uttarakhand and his mother, Neena Nautiyal, is a businesswoman and homemaker. He showed an inclination towards music at an early age of four, taking after his father’s love for singing.

Who is the best singer in India 2021?

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What is the real name of Jubin?

Jubin Nautiyal

Real Name Jubin Nautiyal
Nickname Jubi
Profession Singer, Songwriter and Music Director
Date of Birth 14 June 1989
Age (as in 2021) 32 Years

Where from Jubin is?

Dehradun, IndiaJubin Nautiyal / Place of birth

Who is better singer Arijit or Jubin?

Jubin is somewhat a monotonous singer who have almost same vocal tone in his every song whereas Arijit is way more versatile than anyone. Arijit wins this battle with huge margin because he have some songs which Jubin can’t even attempt but Arijit can sing all his songs effortlessly.

How old are Jubin Nautiyal?

33 years (June 14, 1989)Jubin Nautiyal / Age

Where is Jubin Nautiyal from?

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Can you guess who it is? New Delhi: On singer Arijit Singh’s birthday, we take a look at the singer’s biggest fan in Bollywood – Aamir Khan.

Is Arijit Singh is married?

Koel RoyArijit Singh / Spouse (m. 2014)