Who is the all time leading scorer in the ABA?

Who is the all time leading scorer in the ABA?

forward Rick Barry
Hall of Fame forward Rick Barry is the only player ever to lead the NCAA, NBA, and ABA in scoring. His name appears near the top of every all-time offensive list. He scored more than 25,000 points in his professional career and in four different seasons averaged more than 30 points.

Who was the best basketball player in the ABA?

The Top 10 Players in ABA History

  • 8) Roger Brown.
  • 7) Jimmy Jones.
  • 6) Dan Issel.
  • 5) George McGinnis.
  • 4) Artis Gilmore.
  • 3) Mel Daniels.
  • 2) Rick Barry.
  • 1) Julius Erving. The Good Doctor was basketball’s version of Babe Ruth, Erving’s stat line in his ABA career was amazing 28.7 PTS,12.1 REB, 4.8 AST, 2.4* STL, 2.0* BLK.

Who has the highest scoring average of all time?

Michael Jordan

Rank Player PPG
1. Michael Jordan* 30.12
2. Wilt Chamberlain* 30.07
3. Elgin Baylor* 27.36
4. Kevin Durant 27.18

Where does KD rank all time scoring list?

Which players are top 25 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list?

Rank Player Points
22. Jerry West 25,192
23. Patrick Ewing 24,815
24. Kevin Durant 24,686
25. Ray Allen 24,505

Who was the best ABA team?

Dampier, Dan Issel and the towering Artis Gilmore led the Colonels to the ABA title 45 years ago, Friday, with a team that the legendary Hubie Brown called the greatest team he ever coached.

Is there an ABA Hall of Fame?

The Foundation congratulates the former ABA players who were inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. The hall of fame inductees to date are: Artis Gilmore (Kentucky Colonels)

Who has scored the second most points in NBA history?

LeBron James has put up the 2nd most career points, with 37,062 points.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1560 55.9
LeBron James 1366 50.5
Karl Malone 1476 51.6
Kobe Bryant 1346 44.7

Who was the original ABA teams?

In its first season, the ABA included 11 teams: the Pittsburgh Pipers, Minnesota Muskies, Indiana Pacers, Kentucky Colonels and New Jersey Americans played in the Eastern Division, and the New Orleans Buccaneers, Dallas Chaparrals, Denver Rockets, Houston Mavericks, Anaheim Amigos and Oakland Oaks played in the Western …

Did Wilt Chamberlain play in the ABA?

In his ABA debut versus the New York Nets, Chamberlain, who arrived 10 minutes before tipoff having had a late dinner with Woody Allan, had a mediocre performance, at least for him, with 18 points, 16 rebounds and four blocks in a 111-97 loss.