Who is the best windsurfer ever?

Who is the best windsurfer ever?

Antoine Albeau is the fastest windsurfer in the world after his 53.27 knots run in Namibia….Windsurf World Record

  • Storm Chase: A day at the wind tunnel.
  • The top 10 moments of Red Bull Storm Chase.
  • Jason Polakow – Jaws – The Mother Wave.

What is a good beginner windsurfer?

Inflatable windsurf boards are perfect for beginners, they are soft, durable, offer enough stability and volume for those who have yet to find their sea legs. Windsurfing schools often use inflatable windsurf boards for beginners because they are so easy to use.

What volume windsurfer do I need?

The most important thing to look for when buying your first windsurf board is the board’s volume. You need one litre of volume for every kilogram you weigh PLUS between 50 and 100 litres extra. So if you weigh 75Kg, your first board should ideally have between 125 and 175 litres of volume.

What should I look for in a windsurfer?

Buying a new windsurf board

  1. Where are you going to sail? This is the first question you need to ask yourself.
  2. Volume. As mentioned before, the wind conditions will determine the size of the board.
  3. Board type. Again, this is related to where you will sail.
  4. Weight.
  5. Sail compatibility.
  6. Dings.
  7. Cracks.
  8. Weight.

How do you size a windsurfer?

Beginner Windsurf Board

Rider Weight (kg) Volume (l) Length (cm)
50 145 285
60 160 292
70 175 299
80 190 306

What size windsurf sail should I get?

Windsurf sails A good all-round sail size for most people is 5.5-6.3m (18-20ft), suitable for winds of up to Forces four or five. However, if the wind strength increases further, then ultimately it will create too much power and pull to be able to control.

What is the best windsurf board?

The JP Australian is a true classic and is one of the all-time best sellers. This 2015 model windsurf board scores an amazing 9.8 out of 10 which barely missing the mark as a perfect board due to its somewhat difficult use for beginners.

What is the best speed to windsurf at?

For a beginner, anything below 15mph is great and should be comfortable. Expert windsurfers can windsurf at higher speeds even 35mph and above. Asides your skills, the performance and satisfaction you derive from windsurfing is influenced by your choice of board.

Is windsurfing fun?

With the wind’s power, windsurfing combines the fun you enjoy on surfboards and bodyboards, hence, it’s more fun with less stress. After researching the market, I came up with the top five best windsurfing boards to consider.

What is the lightest sail for windsurfing?

The lightest is the carbon sandwich which is ideal for expert windsurfers. How Much Wind Do I Need to Windsurf? The amount of wind you need is dependent on your sail size, board, and your weight.