Who is the information minister of Bihar?

Who is the information minister of Bihar?

Information and Public Relations Department, Bihar

सूचना एवं जनसंपर्क विभाग, बिहार सरकार
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Bihar
Headquarters Patna
Minister responsible Sanjay Kumar Jha

How many departments are there in Bihar?

Structurally Bihar is divided into divisions (Pramandal), districts (Zila), sub-divisions (Anumandal) & circles (Aanchal). The state is divided into 9 divisions, 38 districts, 101 subdivisions and 534 circles.

What is Iprd?

Acronym. Definition. IPRD. Information and Public Relations Department (various locations)

What is NIC in Bihar?

National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premiere S institution of the Government of India, established in 1976, for providing e-Government/e-Governance Solutions adopting best practices, integrated services and global solutions in Government Sector Established in 1988, Bihar State Centre of National Informatics …

Who is DM Patna?

patna dm sanjay kumar singh.

How many DM are there In Bihar?

Bihar, a state of India, currently has 38 administrative districts, 101 subdivisions (अनुमंडल) and 534 CD blocks. A district of an Indian state is an administrative geographical unit, headed by a district magistrate or a deputy commissioner, an officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service.

What is an Iprd charge?

The IPR&D charge includes only the fair value of IPR&D performed as of the respective acquisition dates. The fair value of developed technology is included in identifiable purchased intangible assets, and future research and development is included in goodwill.

What is in-process R&D?

In-process research and development (IPR&D) assets acquired in business combinations and asset acquisitions; • Intangible assets acquired to be used in research and development (R&D) activities, particularly in the software, electronic devices, and pharmaceutical industries;

Who is the collector of Bihar?

Collector & District Magistrate

Personal Profile Contact Details
Name :Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey Service/Cadre/Allotment Year :IAS/ Bihar/ 2014 Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey, IAS Phone:6154-242099, 242860, 242348, 212098, 242293 Fax:06154-242348 eMail-ID:dm-siwan.bih[at]nic.in

Who is Patna IAS?

Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh, IAS | District Patna, Government of Bihar | India.

Who is DDC Patna?

District Administration

Name Designation Phone
Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh, IAS District Magistrate, Patna +916122219545
Richie Pandey, I.A.S DDC, Patna 9161222115555
Sri Rajiv Srivastava Additional Collector +916122218249
Sri Nirmal Kumar ADM, Supply +916122219957

What qualifies as IPR&D?

In-process research and development (“IPR&D”) is one intangible asset that meets the FASB’s definition of an intangible asset separately identifiable from goodwill.