Who is the minister of kalahandi?

Who is the minister of kalahandi?

Dr Gavali Parag Harshad I.A.S.

How many GP are there in Kalahandi?

310 Gram Panchayats
In Kalahandi District as per 2011 Census there are 13 numbers of blocks 310 Gram Panchayats and total 2253 villages ( out of which 2116 are inhabitant village and 137 are un- inhabitant villages).

Who is the first king of Kalahandi?

Kalahandi was the largest of the 26 Feudatory states of Odisha. According to local tradition, the state originated with Raja Raghunath Sai of the Naga dynasty who traced descent from the Nagabanshis of Chotanagpur of Eastern India, beginning to rule the Kalahandi area in 1005 CE.

What is the old name of Kalahandi?

Indravana. In the 4th century BC Kalahandi region was known as Indravana from where precious gem-stones and diamonds were collected for the imperial Maurya treasury.

Is bhawanipatna rural or urban?

As of 2011 India census, Bhawanipatna had a population of 69,045 and total including sub-urban of 83,756.

Which district is rich in Odisha?

Khordha is the most developed and richest district in the State with 0.41 and ranks 104 among the 559 districts in the country while Cuttack is the second most developed district with a rank of 169.

Why is bhawanipatna famous?

Bhawanipatna is a city, and district headquarters of the Kalahandi district, in the Indian state of Odisha. Bhawanipatna is a city of numerous temples dedicated to different deities of Hindu pantheon. It is named after the presiding deity, Bhawani-Shankar and Patna which means place in Odia like “Padaa”.

What is the literacy rate of Kalahandi?

Literacy rate in rural areas of Kalahandi district is 57.28 % as per census data 2011. Gender wise, male and female literacy stood at 70.43 and 44.34 percent respectively….Kalahandi District Urban/Rural 2011.

Description Rural Urban
Male Literacy 70.43 % 88.38 %
Female Literacy 44.34 % 74.52 %