Who is the youngest UFC champion?

Who is the youngest UFC champion?

Jon Jones
Jon Jones stood victorious in the Octagon and became the youngest champion in UFC history. At 23 years old, Jones has barnstormed the UFC light heavyweight division and took out all who stood in his way.

Has Jon Jones lost a fight?

Jones holds a 10-1 MMA record. His only loss was a disqualification to Matt Hamill at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale last December, where he threw a few illegal 12-6 elbows to Hamill’s face.

What belt is Jon Jones in bjj?

purple belt
UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is officially a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Jones was promoted by Gracie Barra’s Roberto Alencar — a four-time No-Gi World Champion. The promotion comes over two years after Jones earned his BJJ blue belt.

How old is the oldest UFC fighter?

He has displayed a variety of skills in boxing and catch wrestling. He is the only UFC fighter to win a championship after becoming a Hall-of-Famer and is the oldest champion in MMA history with his title victory over Tim Sylvia at age 43….

Randy Couture
Total 30
Wins 19
By knockout 7
By submission 4

Is Khabib the best ever?

The Russian star reigned undefeated during his time in the UFC’s lightweight division and has entered some people’s mind as the greatest ever fighter in the promotion. He defeated the likes of Conor McGregor and Justin Gaethje during his reign before hanging up his gloves in 2020.

Is there an age limit for UFC?

The UFC do not have age restrictions on their live events. Most venues however, do require children under a certain age to be accompanied by an adult. This age can vary slightly from each venue and from country to country, but is usually between 16-18.

What martial arts is illegal in MMA?

UFC fighters can use any martial art to fight as long as the techniques fit within the unified rules of MMA. In other words, the UFC does not ban any fighting style. But, some martial arts like Krav Maga do not fit well since they use moves like eye-gouging/pokes or breaking fingers.