Who is Tim DeKay wife?

Who is Tim DeKay wife?

Elisa TaylorTim DeKay / Wife (m. 1991)

Was Tim DeKay on friends?

Marc Coreger appeared in “The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1”, portrayed by Tim DeKay. Marc and his wife, Julie share a semi-private labor room with Rachel and Ross. At first the couple seems quite friendly and helpful but soon proves to be a little too eager about the process of birth.

How old is Tim DeKay?

59 years (June 12, 1963)Tim DeKay / Age

Where did Tim DeKay go to college?

Le Moyne College
Rutgers UniversityLansing High School
Tim DeKay/Education

Who plays Kevin on Seinfeld?

Tim DeKay
Portrayed by He takes exception to Elaine eating out of his refrigerator and pushing him to the ground with her famous “Get out!” Tim DeKay played Kevin.

How old was Tim DeKay in White Collar?

Is Rachel Harris in friends?

Rachael Harris has a brief but hilarious and memorable role in season 8, “The One Where Rachel Has a Baby.” Harris plays one of the women who arrives at the hospital after Rachel but has her baby first.

Who plays Marc and Julie in friends?

Lauren Tom
Occupation Actress
Years active 1978–present
Spouse(s) Glenn Lau-Kee (divorced) Curt Kaplan
Children 2

Who played Angelo Carpenter?

Tim DeKay, who played the antagonist, Angelo Carpenter, also played a FBI Special Agent in Charge in White Collar (2009) for six seasons.

Who plays Taylor in White Collar?

Halil Özşan
Halil Özşan (/ˈoʊzæn/; born 26 October 1976) is a Turkish Cypriot-born British-American actor, screenwriter and producer. As an actor he came to prominence for his role as Todd Carr in Dawson’s Creek….Filmography.

Year 2012
Title White Collar
Role Gordon Taylor
Notes Episode: “Stealing Home”

Was Peter Krause on Seinfeld?

In the early 1990s, Krause appeared in TV shows such as Seinfeld, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Ellen. He was a cast member of Carol Burnett’s sketch comedy series Carol & Company from 1990-91.

What happened to Julie from Friends?

Lauren Tom played Ross’ girlfriend on seven episodes and now stars on the Disney Channel series Andi Mack playing a very different kind of character.

Who played pregnant Julie in Friends?

Rachael Harris
She was portrayed by Rachael Harris. Julie and her husband Marc share a semi-private labor room with Rachel and Ross. Julie is pregnant with her third child, Jaime and wants to share the experience with Ross and Rachel, but both her and her husband end up creeping them out.