Who is worldwide handsome V or Jin?

Who is worldwide handsome V or Jin?

BTS member Jin recently visited a theme park where a fan addressed him by his nickname, Worldwide Handsome. Here’s how he reacted. BTS singer Jin visited an amusement park in LA. BTS member Jin was in for a surprise when a fan addressed him by his popular nickname, Worldwide Handsome, at an amusement park.

When did Jin say world handsome?

On Dec. 21, Vogue Korea published interviews with Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of BTS. In his interview with Vogue Korea, Jin discussed how he views himself and his time in the band.

What was Jin original dream?

Jin had no intention of pursuing music until he was recruited on the streets, literally while getting off a bus. At that point, he was asked to audition for Big Hit Entertainment.

How old was Jin when he joined BTS?

Because fans know the birth dates of the BTS members, they also know their international age at the time of their debut. The oldest member of the group, Jin, was 21 years old (international age) at the time of his debut.

In which country Jin is most famous?

South Korea: BTS member Jin is widely loved not just for his vocals but for his looks and fashion statements as well. The singer is often regarded as ‘worldwide handsome’ by ARMY members across the world. Once again Jin is making headlines as he has now become the most successful male K-pop artist.

Who is closest to Jin in BTS?

He has recently revealed to have two flying squirrels as well, along with his Sugar Gliders, however he has not formally posted about them on any social media. He chose V as the member he is closest to.

Why does Jin hurt his hand?

In a statement in March, BigHit Music had said Jin injured the index finger of his left hand while doing his “daily activities”. “He consulted doctors and was told he required surgery as the tendons in the finger had been partially damaged.

Who is Jin’s bestfriend?

Meet BTS Jin’s Best Friend And Worst Enemy: Bang Si Hyuk.

Can a Indian girl join BTS group?

BigHits does not accept females, thus girls cannot join any of its bands, particularly BTS, considering BTS is a seven-year-old band, so adding a new member now would be irrational, but girls may join other South Korean bands. There are a lot of lady bands, such as Black Pink.

Who had surgery in BTS?

Jin’s finger surgery comes a few months after he had tested positive for Covid-19. On December 25 last year, Big Hit Music had issued a statement informing fans about Jin’s health. After BTS’ Los Angeles concert, Jin had returned to South Korea on December 6.

Is Jin left-handed?

Six members of BTS are right-handed Some say that left-handed people tend to be more creative and involved in the arts. However, there are seven members of this K-pop group and six of them are, reportedly, right-handed. That includes RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, and Jimin.

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