Who owns 3 Sons Brewing?

Who owns 3 Sons Brewing?

Corey Artanis
But Corey Artanis, founder of 3 Sons Brewing in Dania Beach, Florida, is just as excited to talk about the European-style lagers on the menu at the year-old production brewery and brewpub.

Who owns 3 daughters brewing?

Mike Harting
Mike Harting, Owner/Operator Under his leadership, his territory on the West Coast of Florida increased store sales from 41.3 million to 49.8 million in three years.

What does OEC brewing stand for?

Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores
OEC stands for Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores, a Latin(ish) phrase for “The Order of Eccentric Boilers” or, in modern parlance, The Strange Brewers.

Where is Odell Brewing from?

Nestled in the Front Range of Northern Colorado, our Fort Collins brewery is the home base of Odell Brewing Company. We built this facility in 1994 once we had outgrown our first 800 sqft brewhouse. Remodeled and expanded over the years, this is where all of our packaged beer is brewed.

What makes craft beer unique?

Craft beer is generally made with traditional ingredients like malted barley; interesting and sometimes non-traditional ingredients are often added for distinctiveness. Craft brewers tend to be very involved in their communities through philanthropy, product donations, volunteerism and sponsorship of events.

Who owns odells?

Wynne Odell is the co-founder and CEO of Odell Brewing Company, the 28th largest independent craft brewery in the U.S. Odell, along with her husband, Doug, and sister-in-law, Corkie, founded the brewery Fort Collins, Colorado, in 1989 and will open a second tap room/brewery location in Denver in May 2018.

What do beer drinkers want?

What Craft Beer Drinkers Look for in Their Drink. As mentioned earlier, taste is the number one choice. This was followed by more than 60% of respondents who said style (stout, IPA, etc.). The third factor, which is price, shows this demographic is willing to pay more for the taste and style of craft beer they want.

Who buys the most beer?

Top 10 Countries that Consume the Most Beer (total gallons consumed 2020):

  • China — 9,533,441.
  • United States — 6,367,867.
  • Brazil — 3,657,990.
  • Russia — 2,284,032.
  • Mexico — 2,189,194.
  • Germany — 2,046,277.
  • Japan — 1,166,584.
  • United Kingdom — 1,079,935.

Who drinks the most beer?

Who consumes the most craft beer?

The age group of craft beer drinkers most likely to drink craft beer weekly in the United States were 35 to 44 year olds. In 2019, 52 percent of craft beer drinkers within that age range stated that they drank the beverage weekly.