Who owns Chevys Fresh Mex?

Who owns Chevys Fresh Mex?

Real Mex Restaurants, Inc.
Real Mex Restaurants
Chevys Fresh Mex/Parent organizations

How many Chevys are there?

Chevys Fresh Mex

Type Wholly owned subsidiary
Founded 1986 Alameda, California, U.S.
Founder Warren Simmons
Headquarters Cypress, California , U.S.
Number of locations 22 (as of 2021-04-17)

Is El Torito a chain?

El Torito (Spanish for “the little bull”) is a Mexican restaurant chain, consisting of 69 restaurants which are located in the United States, primarily in California.

Why did so many Chevys close?

Restaurant operator RM Holdco LLC, operator of the Chevys Fresh Mex, El Torito and Acapulco Mexican Restaurant casual dining chains, filed for bankruptcy protection on Sunday and said it plans to sell itself in the face of debt, rising costs and competition from “fast-casual” restaurants.

Who founded Chevys?

The Chevrolet Motor Company was founded on November 3, 1911, in the great city of Detroit. Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant built the business together, and in just a few decades, Chevrolet would rapidly rise to prominence as one of the best-selling automakers in the industry.

How many Chuys locations are there?

Chuy’s Holdings is a full-service restaurant concept company offering a menu of Mexican and Tex Mex food. The Company has 58 restaurants in 14 states.

What Company owns Chuy’s?

Chuy’s Holdings, Inc.
Description. Chuy’s Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, owns and operates full-service restaurants under the Chuy’s name in the United States. As of December 26, 2021, it operated 96 restaurants in 17 states, including the Southeastern and Midwestern United States.

Is Acapulco and El Torito the same?

The 101-unit El Torito chain, which has 18 locations in Orange County, is expected to retain a separate identity from the 49-unit Acapulco chain. The chain is being acquired by Long Beach-based Acapulco Acquisition Corp., which is owned by the New York Investment firm of Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherill & Co.