Who owns Regis Corporation?

Who owns Regis Corporation?

Curtis Squire Inc.
Regis Corp. was merged into Regis Acquisition Corp., a subsidiary of Curtis Squire Inc., a venture capital firm controlled by the Myron Kunin family. The company incurred $113 million in debt to finance the buyout, pay a $33 million cash dividend to Curtis Squire, and purchase the Essanelle Salons.

Where is Regis corporate headquarters?

Minneapolis, MNRegis Corporation / Headquarters

What is Regis com?

Regis Corporation is an American operator of hair salons, as of August 2021, it runs 5,563 franchised and 276 company-owned salons. It has its headquarters in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota.

Will Regis go out of business?

Regis is bordering on breakeven, according to the 2 American Consumer Services analysts. They expect the company to post a final loss in 2022, before turning a profit of US$4.6m in 2023. Therefore, the company is expected to breakeven roughly 2 years from today.

How do I contact Regis Corporation?

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Who is the CEO of Regis Corporation?

Matthew Doctor (Dec 2021–)
Felipe A. Athayde (Oct 5, 2020–)
Regis Corporation/CEO

Who owns the beautiful group?

Regis Corp.
Edina-based haircare company Regis Corp. announced Tuesday that it has reacquired about 200 mall-based salons from Beverly Hills-based salon operator The Beautiful Group. Regis sold and franchised the salons—the majority of which were operated under the Regis and MasterCuts brands—to The Beautiful Group in 2017.

How much are haircuts at Walmart?

How much is a stylist at Walmart? SmartStyle salons, which are exclusively at Walmart, charge around $15 for an adult haircut, and the price increases, depending on extra services, such as color or additional styling. The average price for an Express Haircut is $15.50. Adult Cut & Express Dry is $18.50.

How many locations does Regis Corporation have?

An NYSE-listed public company, Regis owns, franchises or holds ownership interests in approximately 9,200 salon locations worldwide.

Where can I use my Regis gift card?

You can use your Regis Gift Card to buy salon services or hair and beauty products in any of our high street salons. Unfortunately not available to redeem in any of our department store salons and cannot currently be redeemed online.