Who ran Congress in 2012?

Who ran Congress in 2012?

112th United States Congress
Members 100 senators 435 representatives 6 non-voting delegates
Senate Majority Democratic
Senate President Joe Biden (D)
House Majority Republican

Who controlled the Senate and House in 2011?

Congress Overview Democrats controlled the 111th Congress (2009–2011) with majorities in both houses of Congress alongside the country’s first African-American president, Democrat Barack Obama.

How many Republican incumbents were defeated in the 2012 election?

One incumbent was defeated in the general election on November 6, 2012. Republican Scott Brown of Massachusetts lost to Elizabeth Warren (D). Only one incumbent was defeated in the primary as well.

How many delegates were at the 2012 Republican National Convention?

50 states, the District of Columbia, two commonwealths and three territories sent 2,286 delegates to convention. The US commonwealths attending were Puerto Rico and Northern Mariana Islands. The US territories attending were American Samoa, Guam, and US Virgin Islands. The Tampa Bay Times Forum hosted the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Was Ron Paul the 2012 Republican presidential nominee?

Although he wasn’t named the 2012 Republican nominee, he did not officially end his campaign or endorse nominee Mitt Romney for president. At the convention, Ron Paul received second place with 8% of the delegates.

What happened in the 2012 primary elections?

Primary elections were held August 7, 2012. Incumbent re-elected. Incumbent lost renomination. Democratic loss . Incumbent retired to run for U.S. senator. New member elected. Republican hold. Incumbent re-elected. Incumbent re-elected. Incumbent re-elected. Incumbent re-elected. Incumbent re-elected. Incumbent re-elected.