Who sings Enchantix?

Who sings Enchantix?

WinxEnchantix / Artist

What is the meaning of Enchantix?

Enchantix is a greater and higher fairy transformation first seen in Season 3, the first 3D movie, and the first six episodes of Season 4. It is said to return with somewhat modified additions to outfits in Season 8 to destroy Valtor again.

How did Musa get her enchantix?

Meanwhile, Musa earns her Enchantix after trying to save Princess Galatea from a fire started by Darcy in the Alfea library. She then uses her fairy dust’s healing abilities to restore Galatea’s fairy wings.

How do you spell Enchantix?

Enchantix/Spells | Winx Club Wiki | Fandom.

How did Tecna earn Enchantix?

Tecna, on the other hand, was able to earn a complete Enchantix through shutting the Omega Portal (saving the entire magical dimension, thus including her home planet, Zenith, and all who lived there). Bloom was only able to complete her Enchantix when she revived her entire home planet of Domino.

Who gets their Enchantix second?

Trivia. The name Enchantix is derived from the word “enchant,” or “enchantment”. This is the first transformation with two songs. Enchantix is the first Fairy Form to be first earned in the sixth episode of a season, with the second being Believix and the third being Harmonix.

What is the connection between Bloom and Valtor?

Valtor was involved in the disappearance of Bloom’s parents just as Voldemort was responsible for the death of Harry Potter’s parents.

Do Trix like Valtor?

The Trix’s love for Valtor was similar to Bellatrix Lestrange’s love Voldemort, though the Trix later betray Valtor, whereas Bellatrix remains loyal to Voldemort.

What was Aisha’s age when married?

The correct of Aisha when she married the Prophet was 18 years old and not 9 years old.

Is Aisha Black Winx?

Both Bloom and Stella are portrayed as white fairies in the cartoon, whereas our fairies of color were Flora (generally inferred to be Latinx), Aisha (who is Black) and Musa (who is thought to be Chinese).

How does Valtor know Bloom?

He can also manipulate the essence of his Dragon Flame to confuse Bloom knowing that, as the current Keeper of the Dragon Flame, she would be able to sense him through that essence. His magic is usually dark blue in color.