Who was the quarterback for the Bears in the 80s?

Who was the quarterback for the Bears in the 80s?

Regular season

Season(s) Quarterback (games)
1980 Vince Evans (10) / Mike Phipps (6)
1981 Vince Evans (16)
1982 Jim McMahon (7) / Bob Avellini (2)
1983 Jim McMahon (13) / Vince Evans (3)

What happened to Jim McMahon’s eye?

He also is known for his trademark sunglasses, which he wears for medical reasons. At age six, while trying to untie a knot in a toy gun holster with a fork, he accidentally severed the cornea in his right eye when the fork slipped. While his vision was saved, the accident left that eye extremely sensitive to light.

Why did Jim Finks leave the Bears?

They were a playoff team again in 1979 with a 10–6 record, best-ever for the Finks-led Bears. But Finks’ tenure in Chicago ended suddenly in 1982 when he resigned because Halas did not consult him in the hiring of Mike Ditka as head coach.

Who was the quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 1986?

Mike Tomczak

Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Mike Tomczak 74 for 151, 1,105 yards, 2 td, 10 int, & 23 rushes for 117 yards and 3 td
RB Walter Payton* 321 rushes for 1,333 yards, 8 td, & 37 catches for 382 yards and 3 td
FB Matt Suhey 84 rushes for 270 yards, 2 td, & 24 catches for 235 yards and 0 td

Who were Bears quarterbacks?

Justin Fields
Trevor SiemianNathan Peterman
Chicago Bears/Quarterbacks

Is Vince McMahon related to Jim McMahon?

Former American football player Jim McMahon (no relation to Vince) was a rockstar ahead of his time.

Who hired Jim Finks?

Jim Finks: The Traveler Finks did enough in college to become a 12th round pick in the 1949 NFL draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who was the Bears GM in 1983?

Jim Finks
The team improved from their 3–6 record from 1982 to finish at 8–8, but to failed to make the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season….

1983 Chicago Bears season
General manager Jim Finks
Head coach Mike Ditka (2nd season)
Home field Soldier Field

What happened to the 1986 Chicago Bears?

The 1986 Chicago Bears season was their 67th regular season and 17th post-season completed in the National Football League. The Bears entered the season looking to repeat as Super Bowl champions, as they had won in 1985. Chicago managed to finish 14–2, one game off of their 1985 record of 15–1.

Who was the quarterback for the Bears when they won the Super Bowl?

quarterback Jim McMahon
Bears quarterback Jim McMahon scoring one of his two rushing touchdowns in Super Bowl XX.

Who was the best Bears QB ever?

Jay Cutler Cutler holds most of the passing records in 102 starts for the Bears. Outside of Sid Luckman, who played prior to the Super Bowl era, there is no one who has played better than Cutler.

Does Linda McMahon own WWE?

On September 16, 2009, Linda McMahon resigned from her position as CEO of WWE and left WWE to run as a Republican for a seat in the United States Senate from Connecticut. However, she still remains a minority owner of WWE.

Did Jim McMahon get stabbed in the eye?

Seizing a worthy fork as his weapon young Jim went forth and promptly attacked the knot. Brave Jim stabbed at the knot and pulled, and at last he succeeded! — in stabbing his eye…. with the fork. Alas, defeated and in pain, Jim could only pull the fork from his injured orb.

Who is the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears?

They are listed in order of the date of each player’s first start at quarterback for the Bears. As of the beginning of the 2019 season, Chicago’s starting quarterback is Mitchell Trubisky.

How old is James Miller the quarterback?

Player stats at NFL.com. James Donald Miller (born February 9, 1971) is a host on SiriusXM NFL Radio, and a former NFL quarterback (1994–2005), best known for his years with the Chicago Bears (1998–2002). Following his professional football career, Miller has worked as a football analyst on radio and television.

Who is Chicago Bears QB Jimmy Garoppolo?

The Bears will face quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan announced will start against his hometown team on Sunday. Even despite Garoppolo coming off “his worst game” in a 30-18 loss on Sunday Night Football. Following that loss, Shanahan said there was uncertainty surrounding his team’s starting quarterback.

Was Jim McMahon a good QB?

Jim McMahon was the quarterback of one of the best teams of the 1980s – the 1985 Chicago Bears. Although those Bears were mostly recognized for their dominant defense, McMahon was the field general for a highly effective offense that averaged 28.5 points per game.