Who was the real mother of Lord Krishna?

Who was the real mother of Lord Krishna?

After slaying Kamsa, Lord Krishna rescues his parents and meets his birth mother, Devaki, for the first time. When Devaki laments over how she was not able to watch Krishna’s childhood days, Krishna suggests she hear all about it from his foster mother Yashoda, who looked after Krishna in Devaki’s absence.

Who was Devaki’s father?


Parents Devaka (father)
Spouse Vasudeva
Children Balarama and Krishna whereas Subhadra is her step daughter.

How many sons Devaki had?

Devaki gave birth to six sons, one after another. Kansa killed each child within minutes of its birth. When Devaki was expecting her seventh child, Vasudev prayed long and hard to Vishnu.

What is the name of parents of Krishna?

Krishna was the son of Vasudeva and Devaki but, when his maternal uncle Kamsa, the wicked king of Mathura, tried to kill him, he was smuggled across the Yamuna River to Gokula and raised by the leader of the cowherds, Nanda and his wife Yashoda.

What was the relation between devki and Yashoda?

There is no mention of any relationship between Devaki and Yashoda either in Mahabharat or Bhagvat Mahapuran. Vasudev was the son of Yadav king Shursen and thus he was a prince and Devaki was his wife. Yashoda was the wife of Nandrai who was the chief of a village where mostly milkmen lived.

Who was Devaki in previous birth?

So in Shri Krishna Avatar, Mata Kaikeyi was reborn as Devaki Devi, and she had to be separated from her son Shri Krishna for 14 years, while Yashoda Devi, who was Mata Kaushalya, raised Shri Krishna as her son (to make up for the 14 years she lost in the Shri Ram avatar).

How did Devaki get pregnant?

He was mysteriously transferred to the womb of Rohini shortly after conception. Devaki was under the misconception that it was a miscarriage. Women in this condition tend to feel a sense of guilt and experience a withdrawal syndrome, but Devaki stood up to this setback. She became pregnant for the eighth time.

What is the relation between Devaki and Yashoda?

You all must have heard and read a lot about Lord Krishna. You all must know that Shri Krishna was born from the womb of Devaki, the wife of Vasudev, son of King Shursen, and Yashoda, wife of Nandarai, the village head of Gokul.

Who was Yashoda in her next birth?

Who was the seventh child of Devaki?

One may wonder why they continued to beget children if it brought on such suffering. Why not remain childless? The birth of their seventh born son, Balarama, was an intriguing experience. He was mysteriously transferred to the womb of Rohini shortly after conception.

Who was Devaki in last birth?

Is Balarama son of Devaki?

Balarama (Sanskrit: बलराम, IAST: Balarāma) is a Hindu god and the elder brother of Krishna….

Parents Vasudeva (father) Devaki (mother) Rohini ( surrogate mother)
Siblings Krishna and Subhadra ( half sister)
Consort Revati
Children Nishatha and Ulmuka (sons), Vatsala/Shashirekha(daughter)

Is Balram Devaki’s son?

Balarama was the son of Vasudeva. The evil king Kansa, Vasudeva’s brother-in-law, was intent upon killing the children of his sister Devaki because of a prediction that he would die at the hands of her eighth child.

Who is Balram real mother?

Born Gokul, Uttar Pradesh, India
Parents Vasudeva (father) Devaki (mother) Rohini ( surrogate mother)
Siblings Krishna and Subhadra ( half sister)
Consort Revati

Who is the seventh child of Devaki?

Who is the mother of Radha?


Born Barsana (Rawal), Uttar Pradesh, India
Parents Vrishabhanu (father) Kirti (mother)
Consort Krishna
Dynasty Yaduvanshi

Is Devaki Krishna the image of Mother Mary and Infant Jesus?

Historian Anant Dhume has drawn a parallel between the image of Devaki Krishna and that of Mother Mary and Infant Jesus. On the outside, the Shree Devakikrishna Temple of Marcel resembles any other of the famous temples of Ponda taluka in its architecture.

Is Devaki carrying Lord Krishna on her waist?

In the sanctum sanctorium of the temple is the impressive image of Devaki, which appears to be carrying the infant lord on her waist. This idol will come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with the temple because Lord Krishna’s mother is rarely worshipped as a deity and also because of the prominence given to her image.

Who is Devaki in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, Devaki (देवकी) is the mother of the god Krishna. [1] [2] She is the wife of Vasudeva. [3] After the marriage ceremony, Kamsa volunteered to escort the newly-weds to Mathura and drove their chariot.

What is the story behind Shree Devakikrishna’s image?

According to the devotees’ belief, the image of Shree Devakikrishna is a reference to the story of a meeting between the mother and son. Devaki had to part with her son soon after giving birth to him. According to legend, Devaki came looking for her son, years later.