Who won the Community Shield in 2016 2017?

Who won the Community Shield in 2016 2017?

It was held at Wembley Stadium on 6 August 2017. The match was played between Chelsea, champions of the 2016–17 Premier League and Arsenal, who beat their opponents to win the 2017 FA Cup Final….2017 FA Community Shield.

The match programme cover
Arsenal Chelsea 1 1
Arsenal won 4–1 on penalties
Date 6 August 2017
Venue Wembley Stadium, London

Who won the FA Community Shield 2016?

Manchester United F.C.2016 FA Community Shield / ChampionManchester United Football Club, commonly referred to as Man United, is a professional football club based in the Old Trafford area of Manchester, England. The club competes in the Premier League, the top division in the English football league system. Wikipedia

Who has won the Charity Shield most times?

Manchester United
Manchester United hold the record for the most victories, winning the competition 21 times since its inception.

Has Leicester ever won the Community Shield?

Leicester City qualified as champions of the 2015–16 Premier League. They won the title after then-second place Tottenham Hotspur drew 2–2 to Chelsea in Stamford Bridge on 2 May 2016. It was only their second FA Charity/Community Shield, first since 1971, when they defeated Liverpool 1–0.

Has Chelsea ever won the Community Shield?

Chelsea (2010, 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2018) and Newcastle United (1932, 1951, 1952, 1955 and 1996) share the joint-longest run of appearances without winning or sharing the trophy.

What did Jose Mourinho win?

During Mourinho’s first season in charge, he won the league title, the Taca de Portugal, the Supertaca Candiido de Oliveria (the Portuguese Super Cup) and the UEFA Cup. The following campaign saw Mourinho win the league title once more as well as the Champions League.

Who won 2017 FA Cup final?

Arsenal F.C.2017 FA Cup Final / Champion

Did Jack Grealish play in the Community Shield?

Jack Grealish will be part of Manchester City’s travelling squad for our Community Shield clash with Leicester, says Pep Guardiola.

Have Liverpool ever won Community Shield?

Records. The most successful teams in the competition are Manchester United (17 outright wins, 4 shared), Arsenal (15 outright wins, 1 shared), Liverpool (10 outright wins, 5 shared) and Everton (8 outright wins, 1 shared).