Who won the UCA National Cheerleading championship?

Who won the UCA National Cheerleading championship?

Live Oak Rec Cheer

Rank Program Name Raw Score
1 Live Oak Rec Cheer 88.3
2 Hunterdon Jr Red Devils 79.1
3 Crispin Cheerleading 80.5
4 Buckhorn Rec Competitive Cheerleading 73.8

Who won the UCA Nationals 2021?

UPIKE Cheerleading
Orlando, FL – UPIKE Cheerleading were crowned 2021 UCA National Champions Wednesday afternoon. The Bears claimed the program’s first ever title in the All Girl Open event, defeating three other schools after a near perfectly executed routine.

Who won NCA cheerleading 2019?

In the end, Navarro, led by head coach Monica Aldama, edged out TVCC to take home the championship. And that brings us to season two. This season picks up in the 2019-20 school year, which is exactly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Because of this, the NCA national championship competition was canceled for the year.

Who won the Cheer nationals 2020?

All-star choreographer Brad Vaughan, who worked with Monica for 13 years, left Navarro for TVCC. Nonetheless, Navarro came out victorious this time. 2020: Nationals are canceled due to COVID-19. As we saw in Cheer, the 2020 NCA National Championship was canceled for the first time in 40 years, thanks to COVID-19.

Who is the most famous cheer team?


1 SC Cheer Fearless
2 Elite Cheer Stars
3 Cheer Central Suns Lady Suns
4 The California All Stars – Mesa Vixens

How much is Monica from cheer worth?

Monica Aldama – $1million (£730k) You’d expect Monica to have one of the highest of the net worths from Cheer, her being the head coach and biggest name on the show. Her net worth is reportedly around $1million.

Who won NCA cheerleading 2018?

In the finals, Navarro scored 98.0708, and TVCC finished with a score of 98.2292, taking home the national trophy for the 12th time in the school’s history.

Who won Cheer 2021?

At the end, Navarro scored a 98.0708, and Trinity Valley won with a 98.2292.

Who won 2019 cheerleading nationals?