Why did the actor who played Harry in Silent Witness leave?

Why did the actor who played Harry in Silent Witness leave?

The drama’s writer, Tim Prager, said: “When Tom Ward decided it was time for him to leave Silent Witness, he left with the gratitude of everyone involved in the show for the contribution he had made to its success.”

When did Leo and Harry leave Silent Witness?

The eleventh and twelfth episodes of Series 15, titled ‘And Then I Fell in Love’, saw Harry’s flat destroyed in an explosion, which prompted him to move in with Nikki temporarily. This season then saw Harry leave for New York.

Is Jack in love with Nikki?

As well as the forensic mysteries and nerve-wracking thrills, the return of Silent Witness season 25 poses another conundrum: will Dr Nikki Alexander and scientist Jack Hodgson pursue the romance that exploded in last season’s finale? Reading between the lines, the answer is yes.

Is Tom Ward married?

Emily HohlerTom Ward / Spouse (m. 2001)

Is Jack Cara’s dad?

Meanwhile, Jack’s brother Ryan (Owen McDonnell) is released from prison and comes to live with Jack and their father Conor (Richard Durden), leaving Jack struggling to maintain peace with his brother and keeping the secret that he might be Cara’s (Rhiannon Jones) father.

Are Jack manifold and Nihachu dating?

4) Nihachu While Jack, Wilbur, and Nihachu have all separately come out to say that they wish fans would stop digging into personal matters and that there is nothing more to the relationship besides being good friends, many fans still believe that she is dating either one of the influential streamers.

Who is in Silent Witness Season 24?

Emilia Fox and David Caves were joined by newcomer Jason Wong for the 24th series of the long-running forensic crime drama. Season 24 has been one of most dramatic instalments of BBC One’s Silent Witness so far, with a key character killed off in episode six.

Who are the staff members of Silent Witness?

Silent Witness camera trainee (8 episodes, 2019) Constandinos Dean Zimarakis grip trainee / assistant grip (8 episodes, 2019) Daniel Edwards camera operator/steadicam (8 episodes, 2021) John Rake grip (7 episodes, 1998-2007) Jason Dully

Who are some famous people from the silent film era?

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Who are the actors in the show Forensic dentist?

Kevin Moore Leo1 episode, 1997 Michael Parkhouse Forensic Dentist1 episode, 1999 Meryl Hampton Margaret1 episode, 1999 Pippa Pinchin Ruth Townsend1 episode, 2001 Jake Wood Karl Benson1 episode, 2002 Liam Noble