Why did the BEF fail in ww2?

Why did the BEF fail in ww2?

The B.E.F. withdrew with its right flank almost in the air, maintaining tenuous contact with the rapidly retreating French forces on that flank, and did so through country and along roads which were being heavily bombed and were congested almost beyond belief with refugees and French and Belgian soldiers and transport.

What tanks did the BEF have?

The cruiser tanks were a mixture of A9 Cruiser Mk I, A10 Cruiser Mk II, A13 Cruiser Mk III, and A13 Mk II Cruiser Mk IV types.

How successful was the British Expeditionary Force BEF )?

But despite being heavily outnumbered, this small force, including many men from the West Midlands, played a vital role in stopping the seemingly overwhelming the German advance across Belgium and into France. Small in size compared with the much larger armies of France and Germany, the BEF was highly effective.

What did a British soldier carry in ww2?

They were supplied with clothes, boots, weapons and a personal kit. Soldiers carried a water-bottle, ammunition pouches, entrenching tool (spade), a groundsheet and a haversack containing; mess-tin, tinned rations, extra iron rations, spare socks and laces.

How many BEF soldiers died at Dunkirk?

During the entire campaign, from 10 May until the armistice with France on 22 June, the BEF suffered 68,000 casualties. This included 3,500 killed and 13,053 wounded.

What equipment was lost at Dunkirk?

Britain alone Nevertheless, the BEF had suffered 68,000 casualties. Most of its equipment was lost, including 64,000 vehicles, 20,000 motorcycles and 2,500 guns.

Who had better tanks in ww2?

The German Tiger tank (above) had a more powerful main gun, heavier armor, and wider tracks than the American Sherman tank (below). The German 88 is more powerful than any American tank gun used during the course of most of the war.

What rifle did the British use in World War II?

The Lee-Enfield
The Lee-Enfield was the main firearm used by the British Empire and Commonwealth, not just during World War II, but for the first half of the 20th century. It was a bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle that was first adopted in 1895 until 1957.

Did British leave equipment at Dunkirk?

The British also left behind 76,000 tons of ammunition, 400,000 tons of supplies and 2,500 guns. On top of that, a staggering 64,000 vehicles were abandoned.

Did the Germans use the equipment left at Dunkirk?

So not only did the British army leave a lot of viable equipment on the beaches of Dunkirk, but the Germans also used a fair bit of it for the duration.

How good were British tanks in WW2?

For much of the Second World War, the British Army was saddled with a succession of tanks that ranged from the bad to the barely adequate. Some were rushed into service too quickly and proved notoriously unreliable.

How good were British tanks in ww2?

What weapons did they use in the Battle of Mons?

The British Royal Field Artillery was equipped with the 18 pounder quick firing field gun and the Royal Horse Artillery with the smaller equivalent 13 pounder gun, both effective weapons remaining the mainstay of British field artillery for the rest of the Great War.