Why do my GIFs have a black background?

Why do my GIFs have a black background?

Your gif has a transparent background (i.e. no background). The browser/player has to substitute transparency with solid pixels and it sounds like your mobile device is using black.

How do you make your background on Tumblr a GIF?

Header or Background

  1. Access the Themes section of your Tumblr profile.
  2. Click the “Update” button on the Header or Background option in the Appearance section. If you choose Header, the GIF will appear as the header on your page. Background tiles the image as your background.
  3. Click the “Save” button.

How do I change the background color of an animated GIF?

Effects tool tool also has a feature for changing background color. Select “change background color” checkbox. For transparent GIFs choose “Transparent background” and the new color. For GIFs with existing solid background, you will have to select both original and new color.

How do I remove the black background from a GIF?

How to remove a white background from a GIF

  1. Open up Unscreen.
  2. Drag and drop your GIF onto the screen. Like this:
  3. Within just a few seconds, the background of your GIF will be removed. Next, we’ll show you how to add another background — a color, video, or image.

How do I save a GIF with a transparent background in Photoshop?

Preserve background transparency in a GIF or PNG image

  1. Open or create an image that contains transparency, and choose File > Save For Web.
  2. In the Save For Web dialog box, select GIF, PNG‑8, or PNG‑24 as the optimization format.
  3. Select Transparency.

How do I use Disqus on Tumblr?

Add Disqus To Your Tumblr Alternately, if you’re logged into Tumblr, simply browse to Tumblr.com/customize. On the Customize page, select the Appearance tab. Scroll down to the bottom of that list, and paste your Disqus shortname in the Disqus shortname box.

Can gifs have transparent backgrounds?

You can remove a single color from a GIF and make GIF’s background transparent. You can also change the color matching threshold value and make multiple color shades and tones transparent. Additionally, you can choose which frames to make transparent (all frames or only specific ones).

Can GIFs have transparent backgrounds?

What is Disqus Shortname in Tumblr?

Written by Disqus. A shortname is the unique identifier assigned to a Disqus site. All the comments posted to a site are referenced with the shortname. The shortname tells Disqus to load only your site’s comments, as well as the settings specified in your Disqus admin.

How big should a Tumblr background be?

Tumblr’s Dashboard images have a minimum size of 500 x 750 pixels, a maximum expanded size of 2048 x 3072 pixels, and a recommended size of 1280 x 1920 pixels for a 2:3 aspect ratio.

How do I remove the background color from a GIF?