Why is my flipper not working?

Why is my flipper not working?

Dirty Cabinet Switch contacts – A bad cabinet switch will cause the flipper to activate intermittently or not at all. In most cases cleaning the contacts will correct the issue.

How does a pinball flipper coil work?

Flipper solenoids use two coils The first coil is a high electric current/high power coil used by itself to kick the pinball up the playfield. The second coil is a much weaker, low electric current/low power coil that is really only strong enough to hold the ball behind the raised flipper.

How do you make a pinball machine out of a cereal box?

Cereal Box Pinball Machine

  1. Cut the front off the box.
  2. Cut two strips off the piece to use as flippers.
  3. Roll the piece into a tube shape and glue.
  4. Glue end of box together so that all four sides are complete.
  5. Cut slits into the box sides.
  6. Glue the pinball machine to the rolled tube so it sits on an incline, then play!

How does a pinball plunger work?

In early versions of pinball, players used wooden cue sticks to shoot the ball onto the playfield. Today, they use spring-loaded knobs called plungers. When tugged all the way back and released, the plunger will send the ball flying around the playfield with careless abandon, into a potential series of landmines.

What are the flippers called in pinball?

Active bumpers are referred to as “jet bumpers” by WMS Industries and Midway Games (after the 1988 Williams-Midway merger), “pop bumpers” by Gottlieb, “thumper bumpers” by Bally Technologies (before the 1988 Williams-Midway merger) and “turbo bumpers” by Data East.

Are there magnets in pinball machines?

The pinball machines will feature magnetic holes, scoops, and saucers like most others. There are also magnets underneath the mainboard. These magnets are used to speed up, slow down, or even curve the metal ball around the board.

How do you make a pinball machine out of a shoe box?


  1. Cut along one end of a shoebox at 1” and the other end at 2”.
  2. Using the remaining parts of the box, create a 2” high wall around the playing area to keep the ball in play.
  3. Cut two pieces of bamboo skewer at 3” (toothpicks can also be used) and attach them with tape to the middle of the two gaps on each side.