Why is the Fender headstock that shape?

Why is the Fender headstock that shape?

The Stratocaster’s headstock was enlarged and slightly re-shaped. “The rationale was simple,” noted author Richard Smith in Fender: The Sound Heard ‘Round the World. “The new design allowed a bigger decal.” A bigger headstock had more room for a bigger Fender-logo decal.

What is a slotted peghead?

For steel string guitars, a slotted headstock increases the angle at which the string crosses over the nut, giving open strings more clarity and liveliness to those notes. This is due to the resulting increased downward tension on the nut.

What is a CBS Strat?

A Pre CBS Stratocaster is considered by many to be the holy grail of electric guitars. They are guitars (specifically Stratocasters for our discussion) that were built by Fender Guitars prior to 1965.

Is Fender still owned by CBS?

CBS owned Fender for a total of 19 years, leading to the unofficial designation of Fender guitars built during that time as “CBS-era” instruments. Guitarists and collectors have long debated the merits of the instruments built during this era.

What are Strandberg guitars good for?

Strandberg Guitars are an innovative brand of electric guitars from the mind of Ola Strandberg. These extended range, multi-scale instruments are an excellent example of modern guitar making. Their revolutionary designs place ergonomics on a par with sound and feel to create guitars that are futuristic and visionary.

What difference does a reverse headstock make?

A reverse headstock makes treble strings feel a bit looser and easier to bend and the bass strings tighter. This changes the feel of bends, making them quicker.

Do reverse Headstocks affect tone?

There is no difference in reversing a headstock as far as tension and tone. They just look cool and most reversed headstock guitars have a locking tremolo, which negates any activity beyond the nut.

Is slotted headstock better?