Why is the Joy Division film called Control?

Why is the Joy Division film called Control?

Its title comes from the Joy Division song “She’s Lost Control”, and that much of the plot deals with the notion that Curtis tried to remain in control of his own life, and yet had no control over his epilepsy and pharmaceutical side effects.

How accurate is Control movie?

Peter Hook has discussed the Joy Division biopic Control in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, calling it “TOO accurate”. The film was directed by Anton Corbijn, who worked closely with the band as a photographer, and was released in 2007.

Who plays Annik in Control?

Alexandra Maria Lara
Alexandra Maria Lara: Annik Honore Jump to: Photos (5)

Is Control accurate Joy Division?

Although the pair gave the Anton Corbijn movie ‘Control’ a huge thumbs up, Morris said that many of the facts were bent to suit the film. “None of it’s true really,” he said. “It’s sort of true, but you have to take liberties when you’re making a film because the truth is too boring. “We’ve seen it a couple of times.

What is Joy Division worth?

Joy Division was formed in 1976 and lasted until 1980. Their debut album Unknown Pleasures was released in 1979 and reached #1 in New Zealand and on the UK Indie chart….Bernard Sumner Net Worth.

Net Worth: $30 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Singer, Guitarist, Keyboard Player, Composer, Record producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter

Who has played Ian Curtis?

Film portrayals Curtis was portrayed by Sean Harris in the 2002 film 24 Hour Party People, which dramatised the rise and fall of Factory Records from the 1970s to the 1990s. In 2007, a British biographical film titled Control about Curtis was released.

Who was Ian Curtis wife?

Deborah CurtisIan Curtis / Wife (m. 1975–1980)

Why did Ian Curtis dance like that?

Curtis’s onstage dancing was often reminiscent of the seizures he experienced, and has been termed by some to be his “epilepsy dance”. Throughout Joy Division’s live performances in 1979 and 1980, Curtis collapsed several times while performing and had to be carried off stage.

How tall is Ian Curtis?

6′ 1″Ian Curtis / Height

Did Rey Curtis cheat on his wife?

Distraught after witnessing the execution of a man he helped prosecute, Curtis cheats on Deborah with a college student (Jennifer Garner). His infidelity nearly destroys their marriage, but they repair their relationship after going through counseling.