Why is there no sequel to Chrono Trigger?

Why is there no sequel to Chrono Trigger?

But Square Enix says it currently has no new plans for Chrono as a franchise. As per Siliconera, the publisher was rather frank in a recent interview, although it doesn’t rule the idea out completely: “There are no plans for (a sequel or new title) now, but no one knows what the future holds.”

What inspired Chrono Trigger?

Yuji Horii, a fan of time travel fiction (such as the TV series The Time Tunnel), fostered a theme of time travel in his general story outline of Chrono Trigger with input from Akira Toriyama. Horii liked the scenario of the grandfather paradox surrounding Marle.

Is Chrono Trigger part of Final Fantasy?

The connection between Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy is similar to that of Bravely Default. It’s considered to be a close cousin of the series, but it’s not strictly part of the franchise.

Will Chrono Trigger come back?

Chrono Trigger 3 was cancelled and became Final Fantasy Dimensions 2. Square (now Square Enix) registered an official U.S. trademark for another Chrono Trigger game in 2001. Titled Chrono Break, the title would have been the third entry in the series.

Will there be a third Chrono game?

Chrono Break is a cancelled third mainline entry in the Chrono series of video games by Square….

Chrono Break
Release Cancelled
Genre(s) Role-playing video game

Where is Lucca Chrono Trigger?

The Millennial Fair is to the north of your house. When you get downstairs, Crono’s mother will reference his inventor friend, Lucca by default, at which point you’ll get to name her. Lucca won’t join your party just yet, but at least you’ll know what to call her when you meet.

Is Chrono Trigger better than Final Fantasy 7?

Final Fantasy 7 was the landmark title that introduced JRPGs to a broader audience. However, there are a lot of arguments that could be made that Chrono Trigger was the superior RPG. Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7 were both amazing RPGs, but only one game can reign supreme.

Is another Eden Chrono Trigger?

“Another Eden was created as a time travel title that’s different from Chrono Trigger, created with a passionate young team that loved Chrono Trigger as kids,” he explained. “It’s still a work in progress, and I think it’s a new step forward as a time travel game.

Why does Square Enix hate Chrono Trigger?

It’s very strange and almost seems like Square Enix hates it. The simplest explanation is that it was just lost to time and became obscure even to many hardcore gamers, so Square just shelved it.

Is Another Eden a Gacha game?

Another Eden is a free-to-play title supported by a gacha system that you can pay real money for…but you really don’t have to. The game periodically gives you free non-story characters, but you also have characters that jump in and out of the party throughout the campaign.

How old is Lucca’s Chrono Trigger?


Lucca Ashtear
Age 19
Weapon Type Gun, hammer
Magical Element Fire
Family Taban Ashtear (Father) Lara Ashtear(Mother) Kid (adopted little sister) Banta(ancestor)

Why does Crono look like Goku?

Chrono Triggers characters (when drawn) look like Dragon Ball characters, because such was the style. They were roughly made during the same time.