Will 502 heads fit on a 454?

Will 502 heads fit on a 454?

When you go to a dart or afr that is when you run inot exhaust port height problems. A new set of headers will fix you right up in that case. The generation of your 454 could have an impact on the 502 heads fitting. Most gen 6 454 and 502 parts seem to interchange.

What are 18 degree cylinder heads?

In 18 degree heads, the valves are right on the cylinder bore centerline. The valves are also relocated to position the intake valve closer to the bore center, and the exhaust valve closer to the cylinder wall. This unshrouds the intake valve at maximum lift and allows the use of bigger valves.

What do cylinder head flow numbers mean?

The amount of air a cylinder head can flow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), so the larger the CFM number, the more air a set of heads can flow. A healthy peak CFM number is a good thing, but it’s the low- and mid-lift flow numbers that really define how well a cylinder head will work.

What year is a Gen 454?

Produced from 1991-1995, these Only came in a 454 cubic-inch configuration.

Is a 502 a bored out 454?

A 502 is basically a 454 only with a larger (4.470″ I think) cylinder bore size which really starts unshrouding the valves and thus starts making some decent horsepower. The 502 requires a different block that has thicker cylinder walls to accomodate the larger bore size required to make it a 502″ engine.

What year is a Gen V 454?

Gen V(5) Big Block Chevrolet Engine Differences Produced from 1991-1995, these Only came in a 454 cubic-inch configuration. They had a one-piece rear main seal, oiling passages closer to the cam and every block received four-bolt mains.

What are 23 degree heads?

New for 2012 is the CHI range of Chevy heads, our 23 degree Small Block head is a 215cc intake head designed for circle track or drag racers who want to benefit from significant horsepower increases and less weight of traditional performance chevy heads.