What Does circumstances mean mean?

What Does circumstances mean mean?

Definition of circumstance 1a : a condition, fact, or event accompanying, conditioning, or determining another : an essential or inevitable concomitant the weather is a circumstance to be taken into consideration.

How do you use circumstances?

How to use Circumstances in a sentence

  1. It’s like getting caught, not by a person, but by the circumstances of your actions.
  2. His circumstances were different, and they both knew it.
  3. I wish the circumstances were different.
  4. Given the circumstances, she could forgive him.

What is given the circumstances meaning?

Definition of given the circumstances : considering everything Given the circumstances, I think we did well.

Whats the difference between situation and circumstance?

A situation is a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself. And a circumstance is a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action. To plainly put it, a situation is the thing that’s happening and the circumstance is the condition of that thing.

What is the synonym for circumstances?

Some common synonyms of circumstance are episode, event, incident, and occurrence. While all these words mean “something that happens or takes place,” circumstance implies a specific detail attending an action or event as part of its setting or background.

What are the 7 given circumstances?

In a dramatic scene or monologue or improvisation, the term “given circumstances” refers to the “who, where, what, when, why, and how” of the characters: Who are you? (Name, age, gender, nationality, physical health, mental health, etc.)

What is an example of a circumstance?

A circumstance is the condition in which something happens. Say you were at a business luncheon and you were accidentally fed psychedelic mushrooms in your ravioli, your boss might excuse the weird things you said, given the circumstance. Circumstance comes from the Latin meaning the conditions around something.

How do you use under circumstances in a sentence?

1, I think she coped very well under the circumstances. 2, Under the circumstances, a crash was unavoidable. 3, It was the only thing I could do under the circumstances. 4, Under the circumstances, what he said was quite explicable .

What is an individual circumstance?

plural noun [usually with poss] Your circumstances are the conditions of your life, especially the amount of money that you have.

What’s the opposite of circumstance?

Opposite of an occurrence, or something that happens. nothing. non-event. diddly. naught.

What is an example of circumstance?

A circumstance is the condition in which something happens. Say you were at a business luncheon and you were accidentally fed psychedelic mushrooms in your ravioli, your boss might excuse the weird things you said, given the circumstance.

Why is given circumstances important?

Teaching ‘given circumstances’ not only helps students with their acting performance but also with empathy. Asking students to imagine what they would do under a certain set of given circumstances, and then what their character would do, broadens the mind and helps a person to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

What are the 5 given circumstances?


  • What determines how an actor says a line? (If you have been studying ACTING with me, you should know this.)
  • Who are you?
  • And… do not stop here!
  • WHAT do you want from the other person in the scene?

What does under the best of circumstances mean?

by preference. from choice. much rather. as a matter of choice. for preference.

What are the kinds of circumstances?

The most common types of circumstance such as location (including time and space), manner, extent, cause, contingency, accompaniment and role have been well investigated under different theoretical frameworks.

What is another word for circumstances?

Some common synonyms of circumstance are episode, event, incident, and occurrence.

What is a synonym for circumstances?

synonyms for circumstance

  • accident.
  • action.
  • case.
  • cause.
  • coincidence.
  • crisis.
  • detail.
  • event.

How to use “circumstance” in a sentence?

The circumstances are extraordinary.

  • Under the circumstances the result was satisfactory.
  • Under no circumstances would I marry her.
  • To expect a victory under such circumstances was to look for miracles.
  • Time and circumstances change men,some for good and some for ill.
  • Under what different circumstances did England win her position!
  • What is difference between circumstance and situation?

    – I have no idea why you are interested in; – I do not know you; – You do not ask me; – I liked your question among infinity of other questions. I can not prove but I feel that most of questions will remain with no answer. – Is that a good example of a circumstance?

    How to pronounce circumstances?

    Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. or pronounce in different accent or variation? the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity

    How do I spell circumstance?

    fortune, kismet, lot, portion. 2 something that happens. due to unexpected circumstances, the test will be postponed. Synonyms for circumstance. affair, episode,

    How do you spell Seari?

    noun, plural se·ra·is.

    How do you use circumstantial in a sentence?

    Circumstantial sentence example

    1. All we have is a few unanswered questions and circumstantial evidence.
    2. Teeth of the carnivorous dinosaur scattered among the bones of the herbivorous dinosaur completed the line of circumstantial evidence.

    What is the meaning of Chaus?

    Definition of chaus : an Old World wildcat, possibly the African wildcat or jungle cat.

    What is the meaning caravansary?

    Definition of caravansary 1 : an inn surrounding a court in eastern countries where caravans rest at night. 2 : hotel, inn.

    What does due to circumstances mean?

    phrase. or due to circumstances beyond our control. DEFINITIONS1. used in official statements for explaining that something unexpected has happened that will prevent an event or situation from continuing normally.

    What personal circumstances means?

    Well, personal circumstances could mean anything or nothing, depending on how honest your student is being. For me the ‘true/truthful’ meaning of it is ‘related to you personally or to your family’, e.g. My wife/child was so ill this morning that I couldn’t leave the house.

    What is circumstantial situation?

    Circumstantial is a word that refers to specific details about something: in other words, about circumstances. Circumstantial evidence might implicate someone’s guilt, but it certainly doesn’t prove them guilty. The word circumstances refers to the facts of your life: everyone has different circumstances.

    What does circumstantial speech mean?

    Circumstantiality is defined as circuitous and non-direct thinking or speech that digresses from the main point of a conversation.

    How do you spell Chau in Spanish?

    The word is mostly used as “goodbye” or “bye” in English, but in modern Italian and in other languages it may mean “hello” or “goodbye”. In Spanish, Chao (or chau) means goodbye.

    What does chaos feel like?

    It creates worry, frustration, dissatisfaction, sleeplessness, and a feeling that no matter what your life is like, something (or many things) about it needs to be different. Your mind creates an internal chaotic war, and you think the way to peace is through continuous self-improvement.

    What is the meaning of boisterously?

    1a : noisily turbulent : rowdy. b : marked by or expressive of exuberance and high spirits. 2 : stormy, tumultuous.