What is bog Recondenser?

What is bog Recondenser?

BOG recondensers are commonly applied in LNG terminals where there is continuous sendout of natural gas via vaporization of LNG. Both HP compression and BOG reliquefaction have high capital and operating costs, whereas LP compression requires a substantial nearby consumer of LP fuel gas.

What is boil-off gas?

Evaporated LNG is called Boil-off gas (BOG). LNG is stored at cryogenic temperatures. Heat flow has an impact on evaporation process. It indicates there is continuous boil-off of small fraction or portion of LNG due to warming during storage process.

What is BOG compressor?

Abstract: The boil-off gas (BOG) compressor is widely used for recycling the excessive boil-off gas of liquefied natural gas (LNG), and the extra -low suction temperature brings about great challenges to design of the BOG compressor.

What temp does LNG boil?

The “boiling point” of LNG is -162°C (-259°F), which is considered a cryogenic temperature. At this temperature (somewhat depending upon its actual composition), LNG evaporates to convert from a liquid to a vapour.

Is LNG a oil?

LNG Basics Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state, at about -260° Fahrenheit, for shipping and storage.

What is bog system?

Gasified LNG by inevitable heat input from external area is referred to as boil off gas (BOG). BOG is conventionally pressurized with compressor and then sent as city gas or fuel for power generation together with LNG gas vaporized by heat exchanger.

What is the temperature of LNG?

approximately -260°F
LNG is an abbreviation for Liquefied Natural Gas. When natural gas is cooled at a liquefaction facility to approximately -260°F (-161.5°C) at atmospheric pressure, it condenses into a liquid.

What is the pressure in an LNG tank?

The LNG fuel tank is a cryogenic container. This means that it stores the natural gas fuel as a highly refrigerated liquid at low pressure. Typically the fuel temperature is about -200°F/-130°C , and the fuel pressure is about 100 psig/6.9 bar.

What is bog in LNG plant?

What is bog unit?

The BOG reliquefaction unit is a technology that relies on proven reverse nitrogen Brayton cycle to reliquefy BOG. Depending on the available pressure of the BOG, process schemes with one or two expanders may be used.

What is boiling point of LNG?

LNG, the liquid form of natural gas, is a fossil fuel, like crude oil and other hydrocarbon-based forms of energy and products. 3. The “boiling point” of LNG is -162°C (-259°F), which is considered a cryogenic temperature.