What was Roxettes first album?

What was Roxettes first album?

Pearls of PassionRoxette / First albumPearls of Passion is the debut studio album by Swedish pop duo Roxette, originally released on cassette and vinyl on 31 October 1986 in Scandinavia and Canada. The album was remastered and released on CD on 31 October 1997, with several previously unreleased bonus tracks. Wikipedia

What was Roxette first hit?

Neverending Love
Gessle translated a song called “Svarta glas” (“Black glasses”) into English, which became their first single, “Neverending Love”. It was released in the summer of 1986 under the name “Roxette” and reached the Swedish top 10, selling 50,000 copies.

What year did Roxette come out?

Fredriksson and Gessle were good friends when they launched Roxette in 1986 and found quick success in Sweden with their debut album, Pearls of Passion, released that same year.

What is Roxette most famous song?

Roxette’s 10 greatest songs ever, ranked

  • ‘Dangerous’ Roxette. 1.7M subscribers.
  • ‘Sleeping In My Car’ Roxette. 1.71M subscribers.
  • ‘Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)’ Roxette.
  • ‘The Centre of the Heart’ Roxette.
  • ‘Almost Unreal’ Roxette.
  • ‘Joyride’ Roxette.
  • ‘Listen to Your Heart’ Roxette.
  • ‘The Look’ Roxette.

How many albums did Roxette release?

ten studio
The discography of Swedish pop duo Roxette consists of ten studio albums (including six Swedish number ones), one live album, nine compilation albums, one remix album, eleven video albums, three box sets, fifty-six singles (including three Swedish and four US number ones) and twenty promotional singles, as well as …

How was Roxette discovered?

Dean Cushman explains how he helped Roxette break into America in the late ’80s. He heard their music when he was a U.S. foreign exchange student in Sweden, brought their CD home and pestered the local radio station until they played it.

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